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Native Texan, long-time Austin resident, and UT graduate Paula Angerstein fell in love with Limoncello liqueur while exploring the Italian countryside. She brought that passion back to her home in Texas and began making Limoncello for her friends. Following the advice of a friend in the spirits industry, Paula garnered the second distiller's license in Texas and brought an orange liqueur to the market (because as we all know, Texans enjoy their margaritas.) Not only did this make her the second person ever to be licensed to distill spirits in the state of Texas, but Paula made history by becoming the first woman to be licensed to distill spirits in the state of Texas. Paula's Orange Liqueur was launched in 2005 with Lemon following in 2006 and Grapefruit in 2016.

In 2018, Paula's Liqueur joined the Dripping Springs Distilling portfolio. To find Paula's Liqueur or have it shipped directly to you, visit

Paula's Liqueurs are made with hand-zested Texas orange, grapefruit, and lemon fruit. Once zesting is complete, the leftover fruit is donated to the rescue animals at the Austin Zoo.